It’s always three o’clock


“York Street” featuring Doodle. By Claire Shotter. Now for sale on eBay UK.

Anyone familiar with my work will already know that, if I include a clock in a painting, the hands are usually in the three o’clock position. Why? No idea. If I did know to start with, I’ve been doing it for so long that I’ve since forgotten. Just one of my little eccentricities I suppose. Have a few. For example: I don’t like “P” words. When the kids ever wanted to annoy me, they would bombard my ears with the disgusting chant: “Ploppy Poo”. Another, which I don’t think is strange but, am assured is, is that I’m so afraid of spiders that all the seating in my house has to be on legs. The next one, I will admit is slightly unusual: I have the words; “Tom’s Mexican Salsa Hut” written in biro on the shelf of my airing cupboard.


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