Acrylics make for a moody missus


Now, I said I would produce a couple of canvases this week. It almost happened. I’m three quarters of the way through the first but, it’s now leant against the wall so that I can scowl at it from time to time with angry eyebrows. You see, acrylics is not a medium I enjoy working in because I like detail and it’s much harder to attain that with such a gloopy paint. Needless to say, I’m unhappy with the result so far. My apologies to those hoping to see some canvases on eBay this coming week.

With a sigh of relief I have returned to my beloved watercolour brushes and my dirty palettes.

 Just look at that fine point. Does that not make you go “Ooooh”? No? Must be just me then.

A blog, or so, ago I posted the first photo of this painting.

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  1. Take you time perfection is worth waiting for …When I first started collecting your pictures i saw an acrylic you had done on ebay and i loved it but forgot to bid on it .. now i must have a few in my collection as they will be wonderful in the colours you choose..

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