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Thomas Street


It’s a bit of a standing joke around here that I once said I never, ever wanted a computer, especially as I now sit here typing on one laptop with another just an arm’s length away. Yesterday, I was without my main one for half a day and realised how frequently I must use it. Time and time again I walked over to the spot in my studio where it usually lives only to remember that it wasn’t there. Not to say that I know anything about computers. I’m actually a little challenged in that department. My son has to call in after work if I need to do something new, e.g. make a blogspot or install a game. The one thing I missed most was being able to post work in progress photos on my blog. Although the painting is finished and already sold, I would still like to share.

The world is so big and I’m so small.

The Long John Silver of painting


I mentioned in an earlier blog that I paint with a cockatiel on my shoulder. Today I managed to get a better photo of her so I thought I’d share.

Painting now finished and available for sale on eBay.

I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain


No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get enough time in the studio any more to get a painting finished in a day. Until October, my routine used to be; get up, make coffee, get dressed, paint. Since October, it’s been; get up, let dog out, make coffee, feed dog, let dog out again, clear up what dog deposited in garden, make coffee, get dressed, take dog out for walk. By coffee number six, I’ve worked twice as hard only to get half as much done.

Look at that little face though; he’s worth every missed brush stroke.

Today’s work in progress:



Now completed and for sale on eBay.

My favourite easel (I have three) has probably seen better days. It has hair toggles tied round its legs for a reason that I don’t quite remember and I’m always getting my bracelet caught on the twisty adjustment thingies that stick up. I love it though. The old piece of board jammed in it has messages penned by the kids over the years and by my husband and, more recently, by my daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

One little known fact is that, when I paint at said easel, there is usually a Cockatiel on my left shoulder. You can probably guess what that means is usually down my back. Her name is Bird and she has attitude. Bought as a wild bird twelve years ago, I am still the only person she has tamed to.

On with the next one


While I was watching paint dry, as I often am, I started a new picture. This one will have trees instead of houses, mainly because I felt like a break from the fiddly business of painting in windows.

My studio: Don’t look too closely at the floor; I haven’t swept it since about August.

In one corner is my memory wall. Every now and then I’m forced to thin it out a bit but, most of the things on it at the moment, have been there for the past year or so. There’s even a bow made for me by my husband out of a quality street wrapper blue tacked up there. A couple of things I never take down: the “Mum’s Studio” and the “Mummy is a artist” signs that my daughter made for me six years ago.

Above those is a doodle saying “Mum” that my son drew while chatting to me as I painted last year. Another of his great works of art that I won’t take down is his interpretation of what I look like.

And, of course, no studio would be complete without one of these: