It’s all about the people


When I first started selling on eBay, my paintings were mostly of country cottages. I’d show you examples but the photos are from about seven hard drives ago and probably buried under a pile of spiders in the loft. I don’t do lofts. I then moved on to flowers, mainly poppies, very wet in wet and without much in the way of detail. Then I switched to naive folk art, the complete opposite where detail is concerned, and I stuck with that long enough for me to consider myself solely as a folk artist. As is my way though, I needed a change. I’d started to find the thought of including people in my paintings interesting. This was a first as I’d always hated paintings with people featured in them. When I was growing up, Lowry was everywhere I looked in the house; on the walls, on the bookshelves, on the coffee table, even a hardback compilation of his paintings on my mum’s bedside cabinet. When she discovered him, she discovered him big time. I’d have been about seven and appreciated her love of Lowry about as much as I appreciated my older sister’s passion for Salvador Dali. Still not keen but, and it’s a big “but”, revisiting some of Lowry’s paintings all these years later helped me realise that figures don’t have to look realistic. So, rather than tear my hair out trying to teach myself to draw the perfect form, I played in my sketch book with all different shaped figures; big heads, little heads, long bendy legs, enormous feet. It turned out to be so much fun that I don’t think I’ve done a painting since that hasn’t included people.

“Church House Walk” By Claire Shotter. Now up for auction on eBay UK.

“Mickley Dog Walk” Featuring “Doodle”. By Claire Shotter. Now up for auction on eBay UK.

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