One day soon I’ll draw a straight line.


Have lost track of when I started this. Must be two or three days ago. Got so engrossed that I forgot to take photos at different stages. All I have to show you is the beginning and the end. This story has a very happy ending though. While I was listing the painting on ebay I decided to add the two lamp posts so left taking the photo until later. (Was watching telly with husband between times). During the adverts, my husband checked my eBay and informed me that I needn’t bother putting a photo on because the painting had already sold without one. I think the word I’m searching for to describe how this feels is “Yippee”. I love it when that happens. Shows such enormous confidence in my work. A big thank you to that buyer and one to all the rest of you too who have my paintings hanging on your walls.

Up for auction on eBay UK.


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