The Watercolour Blues


When I glanced down my living room this morning, I realised that it looked as if I still had toddlers in the house. Toys were strewn all over the place, even on the windowsill.

The culprit? Not a toddler, a Doodle.

I’ve been dividing my time between three different paintings today, undecided on which style I was in the mood for. I finished one then sort of lost momentum. The fact that I was being so easily distracted by housework is a sure sign that my heart wasn’t in it. Ordinarily I have a one track mind. Even if I’m not painting, I’m thinking about painting. Not today though. Today I actually noticed that the bathroom floor needed mopping. I didn’t do it but, at least I noticed it.

“Looks Like Rain” By Claire Shotter. For sale @

I’m pretty sure I’ve known this guy in the past. Wait…. I think my husband was this guy in the past. The girl’s not me though. She has boobs.

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