Can’t keep my head in the game this week


Not having a painting for sale on eBay doesn’t happen very often and, when it does, if I’ve somehow managed to fall that far behind, I spend a day or two catching up. I rather like the excuse not to come out of the studio. That makes tomorrow a catching up day. This suits me fine because tomorrow is also a dental check up day. I shall cancel the appointment on the grounds that I’m too scared to go, walk the dog then do nothing but paint until it’s time to cook dinner. After that it’s nap dependent. I have a tendency to eat very large meals and with 6 hard to avoid food allergies (dairy, carrots, brazils, all herbs, garlic and corn) it’s likely that I will feel sleepy after said pile of food. Nevertheless, I should have completed one painting for sure by then because it’s already over half way through.

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