So many fiddly bits, so little time


Considering that I only have one painting for sale I shouldn’t have started such a complicated piece. Couldn’t help myself. The girl hugging her knees on the steps is from an idea given to me by a young budding photographer living in New York. Thank you Kayla. If you would like to see her photos please visit her mum’s blog:

Am in the mood for a bit of French this week. While I paint, instead of music, I’ve stuck one of my all time favourite French films in the DVD player; Wasabi. Once I grew up, I came to realise that the French I learned at school was nothing like the every day French spoken in the country itself. Asking for a cigarette, for example, the way that I was taught would have sounded as bizarre as me walking up to someone on the street in England and saying: “Excuse me my good fellow, does one dare hope that you could spare one a narcotic stimulant?” To learn to speak it more realistically, I bought a ton of French films with subtitles and studied. I am by no means fluent but, at least, now I could go up to anyone in France and say: “Oi, Mate, got a fag?” One problem, most of the films I bought starred Jean Reno, who is actually a Spaniard. This means that I would probably be speaking French with a Spanish accent.

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