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Thackery Street


Who’d have thunk it? It turned into a painting. When I started this last evening, it was a scribbly mess and I wasn’t altogether sure that it wouldn’t still be a scribbly mess when I’d finished.

“Thackery Street” By Claire Shotter. Up for auction @

Bridley Street


Back in November I bought myself a pretty swish tin of pencils. They came in 12 different flavours ranging from 4H to 6B. It’s now the end of March and I’d still only used them once. Started a really nice picture on November 14th which I fully intended to finish on November 15th. Two days ago (4 months later), I looked for it. Alas, I have, at some point, accidentally thrown it away (if I only had a brain). “Not to worry”, I thought, “I’ll make up for it by doing another exactly like it”. Here is the picture I ended up with. It’s nothing like it at all. Not even a little bit.

“Bridley Street” By Claire Shotter. For sale @

I’ve been at the pencils again. Method to my madness? Absolutely not. I have no idea how this picture is going to turn out. Makes me feel like I’m being naughty.

Taking a stroll with my dog


Thought it might be rather fun to put me walking Doodle in my next painting. I don’t usually put noticeable features on my people but, my nose, it’s noticeable. My son inherited its length as punishment for all the nose jokes he made when he was younger. Once he’d finished growing, his was longer than mine. Ha! As he says though: “We should embrace our big noses”. Son, I’d need much longer arms to embrace one the size of yours (insert infantile chuckling). He also inherited my curls, for which he wasn’t always entirely grateful. Just recently however, they really seem to be growing on him. Get it? “growing on him”? No? Still only me laughing at my jokes then.

Being a big grown up girl with my pencil crayons


After yesterday’s dummy throwing, I stopped being a wimp and persevered. Although my hand doesn’t ache as much as it did last evening, my thighs and bum cheeks are so stiff that I can’t cross my legs. An unrelated problem I’m sure but, since yesterday, I’ve been blaming everything on using crayons.

“Partridge Lane” By Claire Shotter. For Sale @

Crayon project


Okay, this is torture. I have a new respect for all children whose parents won’t let them use paints. How they create whole pictures in crayon without their hand cramping or dropping off completely is beyond me. All this grumbling comes after only about ten minutes at the easel. I give it another ten before I reach for a paintbrush.

Hi. My name is Claire and I’m a paintaholic.


I really enjoyed painting this one. Right from the start it had a happy feel to it.

“Apple Tree Cottage” By Claire Shotter. Up for auction @

My next challenge is to create a picture using pencils and illustration pens only. Bet you I fail. Bet you I reach for a brush and slosh it about in my dirty palettes.

Buckle Street


Exciting news: 1.) My new illustration pens arrived this morning. 2.) I discovered that if you say “dog chewy” with a Chinese accent, it sounds as if you are speaking Cantonese.

Mother’s Day was a three day affair this year so I haven’t really done much painting until today. This picture has caused my brow to furrow a few times. It started off as another pencil project then the need to get in there with the brush got the better of me. The brow furrowing happened when I added the rounded little chap with the catapult. Having never used one myself, I couldn’t seem to get his stance right. After some painting over and starting again, I’m hoping that he now looks as if he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

“Buckle Street” By Claire Shotter. For sale @