Small dog, big appetite


Wow! I’d only just listed this one and it sold. If you could have seen my face, you’d have seen it grinning like an idiot. Had trouble deciding which photo was closest to the real thing. I took several and they all came out too dark or too light. Here I can show you both. The real thing is somewhere in between.“Poppy Street” By Claire Shotter. Up for auction @


Adorable Doodle

Doodle, is a really well behaved dog. (I should probably touch wood when I say that). Since we got him in October he’s only been naughty twice. Both times in the last fortnight. Obviously he’s been saving it up. The week before last, for some reason best known to Doodle, he decided to start eating the wall on the landing. Not just content to strip the wallpaper off, he also munched into the plaster. Unable to find the missing plaster anywhere, I could only deduce that it ended up in his stomach.

Last week was a typically Canine-like wrong-doing. I made the mistake of leaving a bin bag on the kitchen floor ready to be put outside. Realising that he wasn’t following my every footstep around the house as usual, I grew suspicious and went to look for him. He was in the kitchen surrounded by the entire contents of the bin bag, minus anything edible that had been put into it over the previous two days. Now Doodle is a very small dog but, OMG, after the bin bag episode, he had very big wind.


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