Not now Doodle, I’m busy with my crayons


Got a little side project going tonight. As there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll go horribly wrong, I’ve used a smaller sheet of watercolour paper. Right now I’m feeling all inspired and enthusiastic. That could change. It’s a pencil project, watercolour pencils that is, and I’m not that experienced with them. Two sets live by my easel day in day out but I rarely use them. Today though, I got the urge to scribble. Instead, I ended up in County Durham. Long, boring journey to get there. Lovely food, friendly Border Collie and cheerful garden centre staff at the end of it. Well worth the trip. We went to steal some ideas for our back garden. This strangely warm weather has reawakened the pond fancier in my husband. At one point as we wandered around, he suggested turning the whole of our garden into a lake. The thing about my husband is, he throws ideas like these out there in a half joking sort of way to gauge my reaction before he hits me with the admission that he’s actually serious. Thankfully, following the horrified expression and all the negative sounding noises that came from my direction on the subject, he didn’t mentioned it again. By the time we got home and I’d walked the dog, it was time for a doze on the couch. Calling it “a doze” makes it seem less like the full on sleep it really was. I made a start, however.



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