Buckle Street


Exciting news: 1.) My new illustration pens arrived this morning. 2.) I discovered that if you say “dog chewy” with a Chinese accent, it sounds as if you are speaking Cantonese.

Mother’s Day was a three day affair this year so I haven’t really done much painting until today. This picture has caused my brow to furrow a few times. It started off as another pencil project then the need to get in there with the brush got the better of me. The brow furrowing happened when I added the rounded little chap with the catapult. Having never used one myself, I couldn’t seem to get his stance right. After some painting over and starting again, I’m hoping that he now looks as if he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

“Buckle Street” By Claire Shotter. For sale @ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180846823534?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649


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  1. All your stuff is great quality stuff.
    I like these, the ones with no people or people less prevelant, best.
    Your houses are like a happy Jean Dubuffet.
    I think I got that right, outside chance I have confused painters.

    • Many thanks for all the encouragement. I looked up paintings by Jean Dubuffet but couldn’t find any that resembled mine. If you have one in particular in mind, I’d really appreciate it if you sent me the link. Thanks again.

      • As I recall, Dubuffet does a lot of straight out abstract stuff, and I wasn’t referring to those. He has one which is hanging down at the National Gallery of Art East Wing. It’s a large painting, maybe 5 ft by 5 ft, and it’s dark, unlike your stuff. But the whole thing is depictions of houses, or maybe it’s one big apartment facade, lined up one next to the to other. He has people in some of the houses, those these guys are absurd, differently from yours. This is the one I was thinking of. It might be a stretch, but this is the one that comes to mind. I go down to the National usually every Sunday, and I’ll get the title for you next time I go. The more I think of it, though, the more I think it may, in fact, be a stretch. Whatever, I really like your work..

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