Bridley Street


Back in November I bought myself a pretty swish tin of pencils. They came in 12 different flavours ranging from 4H to 6B. It’s now the end of March and I’d still only used them once. Started a really nice picture on November 14th which I fully intended to finish on November 15th. Two days ago (4 months later), I looked for it. Alas, I have, at some point, accidentally thrown it away (if I only had a brain). “Not to worry”, I thought, “I’ll make up for it by doing another exactly like it”. Here is the picture I ended up with. It’s nothing like it at all. Not even a little bit.

“Bridley Street” By Claire Shotter. For sale @

I’ve been at the pencils again. Method to my madness? Absolutely not. I have no idea how this picture is going to turn out. Makes me feel like I’m being naughty.

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