The devil’s in the details


My studio had got in such a pickle that I called in reinforcements in the form of my lovely daughter, Harry (short for Harriet). Hello Harry. Took her over two hours to transform it from a Claire-ed room back into a studio. The pile of empty crisp packets alone was a major job. (It’s true; I have a crisp dependency). Thank you Harry.

As I’ve said before, I normally price my 12″ X 9″ paintings at a starting price of £10.00. My latest offering is priced at £15.00 instead because it took a lot longer. Feels like a month or so but it’s probably only been 3 or 4 days.

Once again I’ve been inspired by photographs taken by . I adore her city crowd scenes and, as I’m in a scribbly mood, it seemed the right time to attempt my own crowd scene. So far it’s looking a bit “grown up” and not the naive style that I prefer. Only time will make the difference between it turning into a painting or a disaster. Looking forward to the challenge.

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