Claire and Doodle do Ripon


A couple of days after I started this painting I went past The Bollywood Indian restaurant and the sign was being taken down. My husband reckons I’ve given the business the kiss of death by including it in my picture. I put it in because Doodle and I pass it almost every day while we’re out for a walk (the boob challenged woman with the sticky-out bum outside of it is me).The same goes for everything else in the painting except the people. These were all the places we visited or passed on just one walk. Spa Gardens is our usual destination. The Sun Parlour there has tables and chairs outside where I can get a coffee and Doodle can get a top up before the walk home from the numerous water bowls provided by the cafe. For the kids, and this has been going on since my own kids were little, there are climbing trees and a miniature golf course. For the older generation there’s a bowling green and, although the area itself is just a small patch of land sandwiched between the Spa Hotel and the hospital, there are several paths cutting through flower beds and borders and manicured lawns all beautifully kept by the council gardners. In the middle there’s even an ornate bandstand. It’s peaceful, child friendly and just a pleasant place to be.

“The Streets Of Ripon” featuring Doodle and Me. Up for auction @


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