Scruffy is the new smart.


Let me tell you about my new pink boots. Firstly, I ought to explain why they’re such a big deal. It’s because I’m a scruff. No two ways about it. I prefer to wear the kind of clothes that most people shove in the bottom of their wardrobe to be used only for decorating or D.I.Y. All of my clothes, even my coats, come from charity shops because I like a bargain. For the same price I’d pay in a normal shop for one jumper, I can buy 6 or 7 in a charity shop. Needless to say, I’m not a slave to fashion. The same applies to jeans and trousers. The pair I have on in the photo were £1.99 from Age UK. See; a bargain. However, I don’t like walking in someone else’s shoes, so to speak, and always buy new ones. If they cost more than £15.00, I grumble but I buy. If they cost more than £20.00, I look shocked and horrified and put them back on the shelf. My new pink boots cost £55.00. Yes, £55.00. I feel as if I should keep them in a glass trophy case when I’m not wearing them. My own bank account didn’t suffer the loss I’m happy to say. My husband’s did. He saw me gazing longingly at them in a shoe shop and insisted I had them. I put up a fight of course. It was a bit of a half hearted one though because I really, really wanted them. Thank you John. So here they are, my new pink Timberland £55.00 boots. Even the laces are groovy.


Yep; still feeling all nautical. Looks like it’s in for the week. Teedlee Pom Pom.

“At The Beach” By Claire Shotter. Up for auction @


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    • And I have house envy. After reading one of your blogs, I Googled Eichler style homes. Now I want one. Have informed the husband that he has to win the lottery and have one built for me.

  1. Great color!! Inspired stripes in that bathing tent, I see. Think maybe I need to get some new shoes…

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