The booboo


Remember how excited I got about using my newly acquired coloured inks? Glad I only used a small piece of paper to experiment because it turns out that I’m rubbish with them. I won’t scare you by posting the disasterous attempt but, I would like to say that I’m not giving up. A second attempt is definitely in the offing.

In the meanwhile, I have been busy with my paints:

“Grayson Street” By Claire Shotter

“Kettle Street” By Claire Shotter. For auction @


I’m short. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before. Being short is hazardous and, by way of proof, here’s a photo of the injury I sustained reaching up to get the sugar down from the top shelf of the cupboard with a long handled soup ladel. It’s a bad booboo right? Worthy of stitches at the E.R. to be sure… and a splint and, may be, even a plaster cast. At the very least, it should be wrapped in a big bandage and my arm put in a sling. I mean, it almost bled.

My bravery obviously knows no bounds though because, instead, I simply said a naughty word and ran it under the tap.



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      • I think Grayson Street was the one I was watching on eBay but it ended at 4am and I missed it, a timezone thing 🙂

        Re the watercolor attempt. I think I was expecting the same as acrylic outcomes which is daft but I couldn’t “control” the paint and it sort of ran everywhere I didn’t want it. Also, should I expect to be able to mix colors or simply use them as they are?

      • I was kinda hoping that might be your problem because, a couple of days ago, I thought of something that might help get you used to using watercolours. You’re great with acrylics, so, squirt more paint out of your tubes into your palettes and mix the different colours with only a tiny bit of water added to them with a size 4 brush so that they’re more the texture of acrylics. It uses a bit more paint but, for first attempts, it’ll help to break you in, seem more familiar to you and make the paint easier to control. You’re using tubes right?

      • No, I’m using “cakes” I suppose they’re called. Very, very, very watery. Pretty colours though! I might blog about it and show pics and lame attempts perhaps…

        Alternatively I could investigate these tubes – I like paint in tubes, more familiar 🙂

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