Monthly Archives: June 2012

Everybody needs a time-out right?


So I’m reading my favourite book again: “Raise The Titanic” by Clive Cussler. It’s too embarrassing to say how many times I must have read it over the past 21 years. This time though, I have combined it with my favourite place; Spa Gardens. Off I go with my book, my glasses and a bit of change for a coffee and I sit in the little cafe there sipping and reading. No dog to wave toys to be thrown and no easel to catch my eye and remind me that I should be working. A guilty pleasure that is well worth the mile long walk to get there.

My semi folk art paintings aren’t quite going according to plan. The first one I did looked wholly like folk art and the other not like folk art at all.

This is Doodle being confused. The toy cow has a musical bum. Every time he bites it, a tune plays and poor Doodle can’t work out where the sound is coming from.

Thank you


Been feeling a very strong pull to return to one of my former loves, naive folk art, for the last couple of days. However, when I gazed upon page after page of folk art on eBay this morning, inspiration failed to smack me in the face as it once used to. In the old days, I wouldn’t have been able to resist. I’d only have to catch a glimpse of it and I’d be getting out the big brushes and brightly coloured paints and pens. The rest of the day I spent contemplating combining the two styles; mixing the old with the new. Can’t wait to have a play with this idea tomorrow. In the mean time, I shall share with you my two last (for the time being) paintings in the old style.

I’d also like to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back. It was lovely.