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Been A.W.O.L. from my blog for about a month so I’ll catch you up with the paintings I’ve sold in that time all in one go.

I tried to get the photos in nice, neat rows but, alas, my dog has more computer skills than I do.

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  1. Welcome back, I’ve missed you!! I’m so glad you were still creating while you were AWOL. Had I known that I would have stalked you on eBay as I’ve been hoping to purchase one of your pieces but rely on your blog to tell me when there’s one for sale. I must “follow” you on eBay 🙂

    You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had a lesson in watercolour – I haven’t produced anything of substance yet but have been practicing with plain washes, gradient, two tone etc. I’m enjoying it and will have to create something meaningful to share soon.

    • Wow! Drawing lessons and painting lessons. You’re already more trained than I am. Thank you for the lovely welcome back, it made my day. Yep, come what may, I’ll still create. Painting, writing, crocheting, I have to be making something. I saw that you also took a break from blogging. Hope it was for a happy reason.

      • You crochet too? That’s awesome! You may like my next post and upcoming changes 🙂

        And yes, I had a little break – for no reason, was just a wee bit uninspired and had nothing interesting to say!

        As for the lessons, I’m still very “beginner” but I’m enjoying having the focus and have picked up a few tips. I’m looking forward to more watercolour as I really struggle with it – I’m grappling with ideas to use the watercolour too. It’ll happen soon though I’m sure.

  2. HolyCow!! Impressive collection…of SOLD paintings – how very wonderful. Congratulations! What a great feeling. Bringing all that joy to people out in the world. Taking a break is totally admired. Gotta fill the well, you know? Cheers!

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