Everybody needs a time-out right?


So I’m reading my favourite book again: “Raise The Titanic” by Clive Cussler. It’s too embarrassing to say how many times I must have read it over the past 21 years. This time though, I have combined it with my favourite place; Spa Gardens. Off I go with my book, my glasses and a bit of change for a coffee and I sit in the little cafe there sipping and reading. No dog to wave toys to be thrown and no easel to catch my eye and remind me that I should be working. A guilty pleasure that is well worth the mile long walk to get there.

My semi folk art paintings aren’t quite going according to plan. The first one I did looked wholly like folk art and the other not like folk art at all.

This is Doodle being confused. The toy cow has a musical bum. Every time he bites it, a tune plays and poor Doodle can’t work out where the sound is coming from.

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  1. Hey, just thought I would mention that I am a Cussler fan, and I really enjoyed Raise the Titanic. Cusller used to do that stuff for real. I liked his books much better before all the co-authoring started, but, the newer ones are informative. He relates all the new technologies being used; those that weren’t around when he first started writing Dirk Pitt books. For me, that keeps it interesting.

    • I was gutted when I read a collaboration. It was so disappointing that I never bothered finishing the book. All I can think, is that he’s now too old to write them alone. As you say, technology has moved on since the old days of Dirk Pitt single handedly saving the world without even so much as a mobile phone. I remain a big fan but, my book shelf dedicated to Clive Cussler novels will sadly grow no more.

  2. I’ve been reading Tom Wolfe’s electric Kool-Aid, and the colors definitely give me that vibe. But way happier of course. And like always this is awesome.

  3. Doodle’s posture says, “Huh?” Cute photo. These are all so charming. I hope you aren’t disappointed because your paintings are delightful – colorful, unique, and recognizable.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. “Unique” and “recognizable” are things I’ve really been striving for lately. There’s so much of the same thing on sale at the moment that I wanted my work to be different.
      Poppy looks quite similar to Doodle. What breed is she?

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