Brain fried over-easy


I’m supposed to be writing an award acceptance blog, replying to an email and adding another chapter to the novel I started writing in January. What am I actually doing? Fiddle faddling about, that’s what.  Time is just running away from me at the moment. I used to sit and write my blog late at night but, recently, I’m still busy elsewhere late at night so, by the time I get to my laptop, all I’m good for is the fiddle faddling. I estimate that I have about an hour and a half before my brain gets too tired for stringing words together that make sense so, while it’s still awake, I shall attempt a bit of multi-tasking and load (can’t remember if the computer jargon is “upload” or “download” so I’m sticking with “load”) the photos of the paintings I’ve completed and sold since my last blog, reply to that email, compose my award acceptance blog and write a bit more of my novel. It’s already thirty minutes past midnight so this could be an accident waiting to happen.





SOLD                                                                 SOLD


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  1. In the movie “Chocolat” the very talented young boy artist is ever harranged by his over protective mother with rules and regulations, but his grandmother – played by Judy Dench – advises him, “Don’t worry so much about supposed-tos.” I heartily agree. Do what you love! We’re inspired.

    • Thank you for the reminder. My supposed-tos are backing up a bit. Every morning I get up with the intention of doing all the things that need doing, then I start painting. Before I know it, the day has gone and I still have all the things that need doing to face the next morning. May be if I hide my easel from myself?

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