I dream of….


The ultimate form of escapism for me as a kid was the TV. It’s amazing how much it shaped what I wanted to be when I grew up. First, I really, really wanted to be a cowboy. I wanted to be roping steers on The High Chaparral with Blue Boy and Uncle Buck. Then I really, really, really wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to be co-piloting Eagle One with Captain Alan Carter saving Moonbase Alpha from all those rubbery aliens. Instead I ended up working on Mutley’s Seafood stall on Clacton Pier. This was the funnest job I’ve ever had. For two summers I had a great time. Between the tourists and the other people working on the pier, it was friendly and sunny and noisy and busy and a bit of a giggle. I could only find one photo of the stall on the net and it was taken back when I worked there so I’m more than likely inside the stall.

And here’s what I do now:





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