Dirty Palettes


Great sadness arrived in a box from my artists materials suppliers the other day: New palettes. For the past 6 years, I’ve been trading under the username “dirty_palettes” on eBay because, in all that time, I have never once cleaned them. But, dog hairs embedded in the thick layers upon layers of dried paint around their edges and a fair share of dust had begun to hinder my progress. As I can’t bring myself to throw them away, the palettes are to be hung on my studio wall, complete with dried paint, dog hair and dust, as a very happy memory.

Will be sadly missed

Will be sadly missed

For sale on eBid


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  1. There’s something about those old smears of paint; they leave traces of the paintings and even memories of the moods that affected us while working on those paintinigs.

    I scrubbed my ‘paint box’ today – a must-do task, as molds set up camp (we’re starting the rainy season).. it feels good to scrub it all off, yet it’s also strange to see those colors tumble to the trash or down the drain, even watercolors! z

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