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Learner Driver


Last year my husband bought me a new computer to replace my dust encrusted laptop. It was great. It was fantastic. It was fast. Then it was with me for a couple of months and it became something to be sworn at, yelled at, talked about in a derogatory manner and, on the occasions when frustration drove me to speechlessness, something to be pointed at in a very angry fashion. It was slow.

All my own fault. I’d done what I always do. What I’d done to two other laptops and a computer: Over-stuffed its memory with photos. We, and by “We” I mean my husband because I’m completely useless at anything useful, transferred all the photos on to a hard drive and cleared the memory but, it didn’t make any difference.

I made my husband promise not to buy me yet another new computer because I’d just mess that one up too. He had other ideas and came home with a mischievous gleam in his eye and a fancy Apple Mac in his hand. I tried to be cross.

So now I have this slim, glamorous beauty on my desk and I’m scared silly of it. Being used to Windows, it’s taking me an age to find out how to do even the simplest things. Which brings me to the reason for tonight’s blog entry; I’m experimenting with links. Having tried and failed for the past week and a half to add links to my other web pages, I think I may have finally got it sussed. I’ll load up a photo and then, hopefully, add a link beneath it. Here goes!

By Claire Shotter

By Claire Shotter

For sale at:

Big empty space where the link is supposed to be. Obviously I’m going to have to enlist some outside help. It should have been a link to eBid by the way.