Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Best Husband


This blog is dedicated to my husband, John. He has been amazing since I was taken poorly. He’s done everything for me, everything around the house, everything for the dog and, now that he’s gone back to work, everything there too. I can’t wait to be better so that I can return the favour. There will be favourite dinners, presents, goodies. I may even do housework!


Me and my illustrated man. Married now just shy of thirty years. This was on the beach at Scarborough during a family day out. Our son took the photo, our daughter and son-in-law are next to him and the grandchildren are playing at our feet. A very happy memory.

The kindness of strangers


The visitors of the lady in the next hospital bed must have overheard me telling my kids and husband that I wished I had some art stuff with me because, bless their hearts, they waited until my own visitors were gone and then offered to bring me some in the next day. The lovely young lass, an art student I believe, whose name I will never know, sorted me out with two types of paper, coloured pencils, paints, brushes, sharpener, rubber, everything I would need. My armchair project is a painting made from all the goodies she gave me and, when it’s finished, it will take pride of place on my wall as a reminder of just how extraordinarily kind people can be.



Amazing Morphine


Just to let all of my lovely buyers and followers know that there won’t be any new paintings for sale for a while. I’ve just been hospitalised with pneumonia and, although I’m home now, I’m still pretty much chair and bed bound. Today has been a better day with less pain, more concentration, and less coughing so I started a little armchair project. I shall post some pics of it as a work in progress over the next few days.