I’m a happy workaholic enjoying the best job in the world; artist. You can find my paintings on eBay. Simply type in Claire Shotter to see my most recent work.

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      • Oh probably because I deleted it. It was supposed to come out at 5:30pm today but I don’t know how to work the post-time thing.
        But thank you for having put in the effort! I shall re-post soon.

      • interesting, ive never tried watercolor because I thought it would give me less control, not more! a demonstration of my inexperience 🙂

        So how do u stop the paper (I assume it’s paper?) wrinkling up?

      • No matter what other painting supplies you skimp on, always buy proper watercolour paper. There are two kinds; good and bad. 300gsm=good. 185gsm=bad. Found this out the hard way. You can buy it with either a rough or a smooth surface. Because I use pen on my paintings, I use the smooth. Fancy pants people call this the “not” finish. It can be pretty expensive at a normal art supply shop so I buy mine from eBay or WHSmiths.

      • Ahhh that makes sense. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been dabbling with watercolour pencils and ink pen and am enjoying the effect but have been frustrated/disappointed with the warping of the paper (I’ve just been working from a sketchbook with “normal” paper).

        I’m going to give proper watercolour paint a go too I think – when finances and time permits 🙂

        Thanks for your help!

  1. Hi Claire, sitting in France on holiday and discovered your work via e-bay!! I would love to buy some. Do you sell anywhere other than ebay uk?


    • Hi Dawn
      I’m afraid I don’t at the moment. Quite a few dealers buy from me so you might find some of my paintings in art galleries or on other sites but, at present, I myself only sell on eBay as I like the buyer/seller protection scheme it offers. Have a lovely time. Many thanks. Claire

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